In contrast to kterismata (burial gifts) offered to the dead as the beloved items they would always want to keep, the “anti-kterismata” contain clothes and personal items that someone uses while they are alive. The sculptures extend everywhere like a giant multi-colored snake that carves the path, comprising the adventure of life.


The rope-made routes of the artist’s comprehensive sculptures evolved to the anti-kterismata. The object acquired a special form that has the potential to contain anything that anyone wishes it to inside another arrangement.

They are objects which we kept with us for a while, and which now join together in order to acquire gigantic proportions and to describe our daily commonness like a diary. The meanings behind Anti-kterismata surpass the opportunists and manage to evaluate everything we stubbornly keep close to us for a lifetime.

They concern a comprehensible evaluation of the instinct of possession which is fundamental in human nature. Along with everything that may entail.