Jun 12, 2022

Martyrology 2006
ropes, clothes, steel frame
Metsovo, Greece
(cur.: Olga Daniylopoulou)

It is evident that his work, Martyrology, carries a type of cross symbol. The cross symbol combined with the work’s title leaves no room for questioning. Here, it is dealt with as a symbol and form with a multitude of implications about faith, fear, torture and the exhaustion of the individual. The cross, a religious symbol and a human body in dimension contains rugs again. This time, kterismata and antikterismata are selected in a hypothetical relationship. Every interpretation is real. The rope journey sweeps through a global symbol, a universal one in mathematical terms but also a multicultural symbol which exists in every social and philosophical system.
Set in Metsovo, of Agios Georgios Monastery vineyards, Martyrology has much to say about human fate.

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