Sleep Sliding Away

Jun 13, 2022

Sleep Sliding Away 2013

rope, student’s chairs and desks, teacher’s desk

9 x 9 x 6 m

E.D.W. lab, ReMap4, Athens, Greece
(cur. Olga Daniylopoulou)

“Sleep Sliding Away” is a new installation by Andreas Savva made entirely in situ and belonging to his volume of work named “Opportunist”. This volume of work began in 1993 and continues until today under the same title.
Andreas Savva uses rope in order to create large-scale, mesh-like webs that usually encapsulate various items. Most of the times, the work is created (“or born”) inside the show space in situ, without the ability to experiment or see it beforehand. Usually regarding his rope installations, the exhibition space is both the “laboratory” of Andreas Savva.
There is always one idea that the artist aims to defend when building a form. The “Opportunist”, that were the initial works with ropes from the same series, was in general terms a developing organism that devoured everything in sight. As the work progressed, each project had its own goal and posed its own comment.
The installation “Sleep Sliding Away” presented at E.D.W. during ReMap4 is a world full of objects coming from a children’s classroom. These objects are dangling trapped without working. The metaphor of the title to the project is evident. The school symbols are moved into a dreamy space and fulfill their purpose in the imagination of small children.
Olga Daniylopoulou, Art critic, Museum director Yannis Spyropoulos