Ties Green

Jun 13, 2022

ties 2012

120 x 120 x 25 cm

velvet ribbons, steel frame

Since 1993 Andreas Savva has been working with ropes making big installations in situ and some times inside big metal skeleton frames. In 2012 he started making a series of works called “Ties” using velvet ribbons. “Ties” is a symbol of connections while also serving as a metaphor to the “proper” world.
An additional installation composed of crimson-coloured velvet bows, which are tied into a steel frame, will also be on display. Here, it is the artist’s intention to reveal the duality of physical objects. Velvet as a precious and glamorous fabric is beautiful, however, only when seen from the front. Its reverse is meagre and unimpressively common. With his metaphorical parables Andreas Savva captures truth, which, in life, is often hidden behind glossy and constructed surfaces – precisely those surfaces his works seek to tremble.
(this text is part of the press release of the solo exhibition “Martyrium”, held in Munich, in the gallery Françoise Heitsch, in November 2012 – January 2013).

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