…The “valuable” work belongs to the category of the fewer ones throughout the course of the history of art, which due to their invaluable emotional and purchased cost needs special security. The demand of security proclaims art to take the power. The work is desired only for its first material, the money that interprets its value. Moreover the particular work of art faces the problem of copyright for the reason that anyone who pastes on a wall a million at the same time he poses a work of Savva. In other words we face the case of false value of the work of art and the possibility of demanding it.

ekatomyrio96 million 1996, 1000 notes of 1000 thousand drachmans

But what happens when we have to do with one million dollars? The desire to require the work comes from the desire of the work of art or the desire to claim it concerns the value of its material? A Million by Andreas Savva cocks an eye at us with humor and with a critical sense give rise, conflicting the philosophies of art povera – use of cheap materials – to the use of expensive, difficult to find materials like gems, pearls etc. In the relationship of creator – spectator he insinuates a fervor similar to the one that the heart of a collector can experience. …

Lina Tsikouta

(this text is part of a catalogue text excerpt of the exhibition The Creation of the Image – The Consumption of Emotions / The Consumption of the Image – The Creation of Emotions” held in Athens, in the house of Cyprus, in November 1998.